About us

Municipal Waste Europe is the European umbrella association representing public responsibility for waste.

The members are national public waste associations and similar national or regional associations. They are committed to sustainable waste management that minimises the impact of waste on the environment and promotes resource efficiency, taking into account local conditions. Municipal Waste Europe promotes the interests of its members at European level, through joint positions on waste management issues and legislation and keeps its members informed on the latest EU policy developments. The association encourages the sharing of information among its members, including the exchange of good practice in the local management of waste.

Waste management services are a crucial aspect of the social responsibility for the environment and public health in Europe. This service, including collection and treatment systems, is best developed at national, regional and local level. For these reasons and also for the reason of continuity in the delivery of this indispensable service, regardless of market forces, Municipal Waste Europe promotes waste management as a service of general interest. 

Members of Municipal Waste Europe serve over 60% of their national populations.

Municipal Waste Europe objective is to guarantee that local authorities responsible for waste are free to choose their organizational and financial structure. Read more about the history of Municipal Waste Europe here.

Municipal Waste Europe is registered in the European Commission's register  of interest representatives,
ID 75395701551-94.

Municipal Waste Europe is a Belgian international non-profit organisation (AISBL), VAT registration number BE 0816.952.509.