Revising the Waste Directives - Waste Framework Directive


Short summary:

Weine Wiqvist, the President of Municipal Waste Europe says of this revision: ‘Municipalities are at the forefront of the implementation of European legislation on waste and as such, have first-hand experience of the challenges and opportunities induced by waste management. Coming at a key time in the history of the world economy which ties in with an increased awareness in the production industry of the sustainable use of resources, the revision of the Waste Directives gives us the opportunity to iron out inconsistencies and tailor this legislation to the recovery of resources.’

Municipal Waste Europe considers the revision of the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) to be of great importance to the achievement of the goal of a resource-efficient Europe. This is an opportunity to ensure that definitions and other parameters which provide the frame for waste legislation are the same across all Waste Directives and hence to facilitate understanding and implementation at national level. Such a revision will render the Directives easier to implement in practice.

An improved, practical approach to increasing prevention and re-use coupled with a method for measuring progress, added to greater coherence of recycling targets, will turn attention to the better use and recovery of material resources coupled with reduction of the residual fraction and the environmentally sound treatment thereof. Energy recovery of the remaining mixed waste is a vital part of this strategy, enabling all the waste to be treated appropriately and permitting the achievement of landfill reduction goals.

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