Position Paper "Waste Derived Fuels are not a candidate for End-of-Waste"


Short summary:

CEMBUREAU, CEWEP, ESWET and Municipal Waste Europe adopted a joint press release regarding "Waste Derived Fuels are not a candidate for End-of-Waste"

The 4 European Associations raise concerns in light of the increasing number of Member States that are developing their own national criteria for the End-of-Waste status of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) and Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) which means that strict waste legislation would thereby not apply.

The industry urges the Commission to ensure that the strict rules for emissions and monitoring set in EU air pollution law and Best Available Techniques for waste incineration and waste co-incineration apply to SRF and RDF.

It is also central that these materials fall under the scope of the EU Waste Shipment Regulation (WSR) with the necessary controls over the destination and where they might end up as a feedstock.

The press release is available here

The letter sent to the Commission can be downloaded from here