Position Paper on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Short summary:

The President of Municipal Waste Europe, Weine Wiqvist, highlights that: ‘Embedding producers’ awareness of the importance of cradle to cradle thinking in their company strategy, through a policy of Extended Producer Responsibility, has been of profound importance on the route towards a sustainable, cyclical economy. The next step is to achieve awareness of the indispensible role of Municipalities in this cycle, in retrieving the resources dispersed throughout their communities. Through their public responsibility to ensure the provision of the service of waste management for municipal waste to all their citizens, Municipalities have the distinctive ability to communicate with and ensure coordination between all the elements of this endeavour to achieve resource efficiency.’

Routes to achieving a circular economy, which both performs the environmentally sound role of limiting the depletion of resources and sustaining the health of our local economies, are many. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Producer Responsibility Organisations (PRO) make up only one of those routes, and after twenty years of existence, they need reviewing.

We strongly recommend limiting EPR regulation at European level to principles and guidelines. Member States should not be legally obliged to implement EPR and should retain the necessary flexibility to adapt EPR schemes to their national situation.

An effective EPR scheme should include clear provisions on the responsibilities of the relevant actors, in particular producers and municipalities.

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