MWE Position Paper on the Commission proposal to amend the Waste Framework Directive (textiles)


Short summary:

On 5 July the European Commission came up with a proposal to amend the Waste Framework Directive to integrate new provisions on food waste prevention and textiles. Beginning with the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, the European institutions and stakeholders have deepened discussions and analysis of the whole value chain of textile products, aiming at finding solutions to the increasing consumption of textiles, related social and pollution problems worldwide and challenges with organising the handling of end-of-life and used textiles. Particularly challenging at the moment, is the handling of textiles collection, reuse and recycling. Member States are obliged to deliver the separate collection of textiles by 1 January 2025 but the rules and Extended Producer Responsibility system governing cost coverage and treatment will not be ready in time... Read our amendments to the Commission's proposal for a revision of the Waste Framework Directive here...