Municipal Waste Europe Response to the Circular Economy Package


Short summary:

Municipal Waste Europe recognises the importance of achieving a circular economy in Europe and supports a definitive move in this direction.  

Measuring the quantity and quality of materials sorted out of waste for recycling is a very important step in achieving a circular economy. It is a necessary change, but it is not practicable to set new tagets based on the new measurement proposed. As there is fall-out in the processes of sorting and recycling, the targets need to be adjusted acoordingly. Clear and harmonised definitions are needed to complete the single calculation method. 

Municipalities are a key to the success of recycling and the achievent of a circular economy in Europe. The proper allocation of European funding to investment in the top three steps of the waste hierarchy (prevention, re-use and recyling) is essential to this goal. 

Municipal Waste Europe has supported the implementation of a ban on the landfilling of recyclable and combustible waste. 

The full adopted paper can be downloaded here.