Municipal Waste Europe amendments on the Committee of the Regions (CoR) draft opinion on the revision of the waste targets, 6 June 2013


Short summary:

Municipal Waste Europe congratulated the Committee of the Regions rapporteur, Mr. Lebrun, on his excellent draft opinion on the Review of the European Union’s key waste targets and added some detailed comments with the request that they are included in the opinion as a clarification of the excellent points raised, given the benefit of our members’ practical knowledge of waste management.

Municipal Waste Europe welcomes the emphasis in the report on the key role played by local and regional authorities in the implementation of EU waste legislation, particularly supporting the proposal for landfill bans as a way of supporting local efforts to recover resources and so increasing resource-efficiency. We recognise the critical importance of these recovered resources in the generation of local employment and their further role of fostering growth, re-industrialisation and competitiveness in Europe.

We strongly support the creation of a European Platform or Twinning network for waste management in municipalities to facilitate the knowledge brokerage of best practices on waste prevention and management, in particular between experienced and inexperienced municipalities, as this is the level at which the final implementation must take place.

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