Amendments to the Renewable Energy Directive


Short summary:

In its current form, the RED does not sufficiently address bio-waste and its importance in terms of the quantity of waste to be treated by Anaerobic Digestion and the Greenhouse Gas savings associated with this renewable energy source. REPowerEU includes a Biomethane Action Plan to increase EU production to 35bcm by 2030 to accelerate the EU’s energy independence while boosting the green transition. As per EUROSTAT waste statistics for the EU27 for 2020, generation of vegetal waste (bio-waste) was 53.8 million tons; this translates into 4.304 million cubic metres of biomethane, making bio-waste a significant source of the targeted biomethane. Key renewable energy sources such as biomethane require better and thorough recognition for their role in reducing dependence on Russian or other fossil fuels and in fast forwarding the green transition. The proposed amendments below seek to address and correct these omissions. Read the paper here.