Waste projects financed by the Commission

Posted on Thursday 21 July 2011

The European Commission has selected 183 environment projects that will be funded under the Life+ programme. This programme finances each year projects aiming at the protection of the environment (see Internal Update 7, 10, and 20-21).

The list of winning projects listed by country is now available. Many projects concerns the waste sector:
- Denmark: ‘Plastic ZERO’ led by the municipality of Copenhagen;
- Germany: ‘Alternative Biomass 4 Energy’ by the European Institute for Energy Research in Germany;
- Greece: ‘Athens-Bio-waste’ by the National Technical University of Athens; ‘ELINA’ on waste oil; ‘Integrated Solid Waste Management’ by the municipality of Tinos; ‘WASP Tool’ on the prevention of waste by the University of Athens;
- Ireland: ‘DEPOTEC’ on waste tyres;
- Italy: ‘NO.WA’ on the reduction of waste in the municipality of Reggio Emilia; ‘CREWSOD’ on the reduction of waste; ‘HIA21’; ‘SASIES’ on waste sludge; ‘Gy Eco’ on re-use in cement production; ‘Sustainable Cruise’; ‘LOWaste’ on the reduction of urban waste by the Municipality of Ferrara; ‘IDENTIS WEEE’ on the management of WEEE; ‘Waste3’on turning waste into heating; ‘Clash Oil’ on oil waste; ‘NOW’ on prevention, recovery and recycling of waste; ‘PODEBA’ on the use of manure; ‘RECOIL’ on recovery the energy of waste cooking oil;
- Spain: ‘WET-COMP’ on textile waste; ‘REC-POLYOLEFIN’ on a new technique to sort plastic that cannot be separated; ‘AGROWASTE’ on fruit and vegetable waste; ‘HTWT’ on waste screens and displays; ‘BREAD4PLA’ on bakery waste; ‘Agrolca-Manager’ on life-cycle assessment; ‘POLYMIX’ on polymeric wastes; ‘URWASTECH’ on urban solid wastes;
- Poland: ‘BIOREWIT’ on the use of waste as soil improver; ‘DIM-WASTE’ on using waste to create aggregate products;
- Romania: ‘ELSYS’ to track the movement of waste through electronic system rather than by paper; ‘MEDWASTE’ on the treatment of medical waste;
- Slovenia: ‘SEPARATE COLLECTION’ to increase awareness on the separate collection of waste; ‘Slovenia WEEE campaign’ to raise awareness on the treatment recycling and recovery of WEEE;
- Sweden: ‘Wastetofuel’ on biogas;
- United Kingdom: ‘Equal’ on end-of-waste;

You can read the full list of projects awarded here

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