Consultation on ship-generated waste

Posted on Thursday 21 July 2011

The European Commission has opened a consultation for a possible revision of Directive 2000/59/EC on port reception facilities for ship-generated waste and cargo residues. The Directive establishes ‘the conditions for discharges of ships' waste and residues at sea and the obligation for ports to provide reception facilities’.
According to the Commission, the implementation of the Directive has showed positive effects, however, there is room for improvement of the system. Therefore the Commission is carrying out a revision of the Directive and an impact assessment that will publish at the end of 2011.
The aim is to protect the marine environment and reduce the discharge of ship-generated waste in the sea. The problems identified are that facilities for waste disposal are not adequate or too expensive, incentives for ships not to discharge waste on the sea are too weak, and administrative organisation of the system is different among member states. Answers from the consultation will be used to confirm the identification of the problems.
Answers to the online consultations can be sent from 14 July to 16 September.
This consultation is for all local, regional and national authorities with harbour facilities.

The electronic consultation is available here

More information here

The Directive 2000/59/EC is available here