Avoiding food waste – a task for the AGRI Committee

Posted on Thursday 29 September 2011

The European Parliament Committee on agriculture and rural development (AGRI) has developed a draft report called ‘Avoiding food waste: how to improve the efficiency of the food chain in the EU’. The AGRI committee has appointed MEP Salvatore Caronna (Socialist/Italy) as rapporteur.
The draft report asks the Commission to make an environmental, economic, social and nutritional analysis of food waste, as well as to explain the causes and effects of the disposal, wastage and landfilling of 50% of the food produced annually in the EU.
The report asks the Commission to set up measures to half the amount of food waste by 2025 and to prevent the generation of bio-waste, and the Member States to promote awareness-raising campaigns to inform the public about the causes and effects of food waste and ways of reducing it. The report stresses the crucial role of local authorities and municipal enterprises in providing information and supporting citizens in preventing and reducing food waste.
The report is scheduled to be adopted by the Committee on 7 November, and the plenary European Parliament on 12 December 2011.
The full report (8 pages) can be read here