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KIGO (National Chamber of Waste Managemet) was established on 17.11.2003 by more than 100 companies, representing municipal waste management.  At the moment we represent 135 companies, which belong to our Chamber, and work in such waste managemenet trades as transport, storage, randering harmless, wastesorting, equipment manufacturers.KIGO’s work is based on Economic Chambers Act. We carry out charters aims like representing theirs businesses in the presence of polity and local administration. We work for low and financial changing which are going to improve quality of waste services. KIGO has become a very important link in legislative actions, which gives opinions and is able to create favorable for waste management’s trade low solutions.To be more effective in our action we established a specialized unit – Thermal and Recycling Cell.To help our members develop themselves and achieve their aims, KIGO arranges many expert trainings, conferences and meetings with politicians.The clue of our activity is to promote public responsibility for waste. We aspire to create waste managements system in Poland which is going to be one of the best in UE.


Tel: +48 (022) 826 54 13