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City of Vienna


MA 48 (Municipal Department 48) is part of the Vienna City Administration. The department is responsible for municipal waste collection and treatment, street cleaning and winter services. 3,200 employees are engaged every day to keep Vienna clean, and to ensure a high quality of life for its citizens. Waste that cannot be prevented is optimally treated and/or recovered – it is collected in over 440,000 garbage containers, 4,300 neighbourhood banks for recyclables as well as in comperehensive recycling centres all over the city. Recyclable materials like paper, glass and plastic bottles, are collected separately and subjected to material recovery, as is organic waste. Non-recyclable and bulky wastes are treated thermally with energy and heat recovery. In the City of Vienna's environmental policy, re-use and waste prevention are of high priotity. Therefore, goods for re-use are collected separately and subsequently sold in the City's own re-use store, the 48er-Tandler.


Tel: +4315881748375