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ARGE Österreichischer Abfallwirtschaftsverbände – Working Group of Austrian Municipal waste management Associations is a national union of 8 province members which head the 74 municipal waste management associations in their province. It is an information exchange platform bringing practical expertise to the Association of municipalities and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management.
Approximately 650 million EUR of public waste management fees and 3,5 million tons of municipal waste are collected, recycled or treated and disposed off by municipalities, cities and waste management associations. A macro economic benefit of 1,235 million EUR is generated by this service of general interest. It employs 14.800 persons in Austria.
ARGE coordinates the communal lobbying with the concerned Austrian ministries of environment and commerce, negotiates together with the Austrian associations of cities and towns (Gemeindebund und Städtebund) with the chamber of commerce on the EPR contracts that municipalities sign with the PROs (in WEEE and packaging). 


Tel: +43 664 612 50 20