Separate Waste Collection in the Context of a Circular Economy in Europe

Date of this meeting: (All day)


 Draft agenda


Moderator: Katrina Sichel


Who should attend:

Member states representatives, municipalities, regions, NGOs, materials and packaging producers (metal, glass, paper, plastic), producer responsibility representatives, recyclers, machine building companies, waste and biowaste management companies

Interpretation: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Estonian

Part I: POLICY: separate collection in the context of a circular economy

9:00 Welcome and introduction by the chairman, Kestutis Sadauskas, Director Green Economy Directorate, DG ENV, European Commission

9:05 Welcome by Weine Wiqvist, President Municipal Waste Europe, and Anna Lisa Boni, EUROCITIES Secretary General

Keynote Addresses

9:20 Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for the Environment and Fisheries

9:30 Simona Bonafè, MEP, European Parliament Rapporteur Waste Review

9:40 Francesco Pigliaru, Chair ENVE Committee, Committee of the Regions

09:50 Coffee break

Part II: PRACTICE: separate collection

Moderator: Patrick Hasenkamp, City of Munster, Germany, Vice-President Municipal Waste Europe

10:10 Nicole Seyring, Márton Herzeg, BiPRO, Presentation of the main aims and results of the Commission Study on separate collection in capital cities

10:35 Three examples of separate collection in small to medium towns from the benchmarking of Municipal Waste Europe

a. Denmark: Conny Bonde Barsballe, Haderslev

b. France: Madame Marie-Laure JOURNET BISIAUX, Director Waste Management, Besançon

c. Italy: Tiziano Mazzoni, Environmental Services Manager - Hera Spa, Rimini


11:25 Three examples of separate collection in large cities from EUROCITIES members

a. Italy: Danilo Vismara, AMSA, Milan

b. United Kingdom: John Bland, Manchester

c. Sweden: Henrik Kant, Gothenburg


12:15 Panel session: best practice examples from three capital cities

a. Slovenia: Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana

b. Estonia: Relo Ligi, Head of the Environment Department, Tallinn

c. Finland: Petri Kouvo, Director, Waste Sector of the Regional Environment Services Authority, Helsinki

13:00 Lunch break and networking


14:30 Joint Research Centre: BAT for Waste Management

14:50 Moderated Discussion 1: How to strengthen local governance for separate collection, recycling and material recovery?

Jacob Simonsen, MWE Vice-President; Günther Langer, EUROCITIES; Helmut Maurer, DG ENV, European Commission; Françoise Bonnet, ACR+ Secretary General; Emmanuel Katrakis, EURIC; Piotr Barczak, EEB.

15:50 Moderated Discussion 2: How can producer responsibility and separate collection support quality recycling and maximising material recovery?

Nicolas Garnier, MWE Vice-President; Håkon Jentoft, EUROCITIES; Márton Herzeg, BIPRO; Joachim Quoden, EXPRA; Michael Len, RREUSE; Antonis Mavropoulos, ISWA; Virginia Janssens, EUROPEN

16:50 Closing statement: Julio Garcia Burgues, Head of Unit Waste Management & Recycling, DG ENV, European Commission

17:00 End of conference