The Board of Municipal Waste Europe is elected by the General Assembly and has up to five members: one President and four possible Deputy Presidents. The Board is elected for a mandate period of two years and can be re-elected. Within one month after the Board meeting, the Secretary General informs the members about the decisions taken by the Board.

The current Board of Municipal Waste Europe for the term 2022-2024 was elected on 7 June 2022, in Helsinki (Finland):

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President,             Federico Foschini (UTILITALIA, Italy)

Vice-President,     Johann Mayr (ARGE AWV, Austria)

Vice-President,     Tony Clark (Avfall Sverige, Sweden)

Treasurer,             Carla Velez (ESGRA, Portugal) 

History of the Board Members

Term 2020-2022 

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President,               Mr. Riku Eksymä  (KIVO Finland, Finland)

Vice-President,       Mr. Federico Foschini (Utilitalia, Italy)

Vice-President,       Mr. Johann Mayr (ARGE awv, Austria)

Term 2017-2019 and re-elected for the term 2019-2020

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President,                Mr. Patrick Hasenkamp (VKU, Germany) 

Vice-President,        Mr. Federico Foschini (Utilitalia, Italy)

Vice-President,        Mr. Johann Mayr (ARGE awv, Austria)

Term 2013-2015 and re-elected for the term 2015-2017 with the addition of a fourth member.

President,                 Mr. Weine Wiqvist, Sweden (Avfall Sverige, Sweden)

Vice-President,         Mr. Jacob Simonsen (Danish waste association, Denmark)

Vice-President,         Mr. Nicolas Garnier (Amorce, France)

In the 2015 elections, Mr. Patrick Hasenkamp (VKU, Germany) was elected to join the Board as second Vice-President.


Jacob Simonsen, Weine Wiqvist, Nicolas Garnier . Municipal Waste Europe copyrights

Term 2009-2011 and re-elected for the term 2011-2013

President,             Mr.  Erik de Baedts (NVRD, Netherlands)

Vice-President,     Mr. Roberto Caggiano (Federambiente, Italy)

Vice-President      Mr.  Weine Wiqvist (Avfall Sverige, Sweden)


Roberto Caggiano, Erik de Baedts, Weine Wiqvist. Municipal Waste Europe copyrights