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AMORCE is a French national organization for local authorities created in 1987 with about fifty members. Today, it has more than seven hundred members. The aim of the organization is to allow a good energy and waste management in French local authorities in partnership with all the stakeholders.AMORCE is considered as an important network to share knowledge and good experiences thanks to the recent and relevant information it provides to his members.AMORCE is involved in all the national discussions from prevention to waste treatment. The organization was a precursor of the « Grenelle » for environment in France, which has been the most important law for the last twenty years. Today and in the next few years, the aim of AMORCE is to help local authorities to reach the objectives of the « Grenelle » for environment. 


Tel: +33 4 72 74 09 77
Fax: +33 4 72 74 03 32